Desert Oasis Acupuncture offers two primary styles of service for established patients: individual and community-style sessions. In both cases, we ask that if it is your first appointment, you book a new patient appointment. This appointment lasts between 1.5 and 2 hours. In this appointment we go over your chief complaint and accompanying symptoms, your health history, your treatment plan, and your first treatment.

Following treatments for individual sessions will run approximately one hour and can be scheduled using our online booking system or over the phone.

Community-style acupuncture is a great option for those that want ongoing, affordable treatment. This is a common practice in China and is gaining lots of momentum in the US. At this time community-style acupuncture is only available by appointment for existing patients. Go online or call for your next appointment. We hope to be able to accommodate walk-ins in the future. In community-style acupuncture, patients receive treatment in reclining chairs in a room with other patients. In Community-style, acupuncture is the only service provided and is only performed on legs below the knee, arms below the elbow, and on the neck and head.